Compassion in a Capsule

Strategic development is an important part of compassionate work. Development moves beyond relief and takes steps towards justice and redemption for the poor, toward God’s plan – toward transformation. When world systems aren’t just, love calls us to respond. Compassion calls us to be present with those living in poor conditions; and, to share in the suffering. Compassion, our motivation, calls us to take transformative action.

Compassion changes things. There’s an exchange of hope that happens when we’re connected – when we’re present with one another – hope that lays the foundation for growth, development…for change. The ministries of Compassion Creates Change™ mobilize churches and communities in partnership to bring relief to those who are hurting, attack poverty at its roots, and work together to create sustainable change...

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Mobilizing churches and communities to leverage their capacities to be agents of transformation where poverty and injustice exist.

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Compassion Creates Change™

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