What We Do

Compassion calls us to be present with those who are vulnerable and in need. Compassion, our motivation, calls us to take action.

Below, are descriptions of the current projects, programs and partnerships of Compassion Creates Change™.

Heaven’s RoyalTEA™

Director Selena Holston Gabriel wrote a Christian children’s book called  Heaven's Royalty, That's Me! to affirm the beauty, authenticity, and inherent worth of GIRLS all over the GLOBE and to embolden them to use their gifts and strengths to make a compassionate difference in the world. Selena created Heaven’s RoyalTEA to share the message and mission of her book. This program for girls (a pop-up Tea Time) is offered in partnership with churches, schools, and Christian groups through Compassion Creates Change. These events train girls, from an early age, to anchor their self-worth in God’s truth and empower them to be leaders and change-makers. Heaven’s RoyalTEA includes teas and treats, a dramatic monologue of the children’s book, and a book signing-session with the author.

Project empowHER

Project empoweHER™ is a book purchase-matching program that offers free copies of the children’s book Heaven's Royalty, That's Me! and offers leadership development training to at-risk youth in high-needs communities in the U.S. and in Latin America. Each book that’s sold at the regular purchase price also sponsors a book (in English or Spanish) for a girl in need.  Books are distributed through community partners, foster agencies, and anti-trafficking organizations.

ChangeMakers Community Roundtables and Be The Change Service Projects

In Orlando, Compassion Creates Change hosts a series of neighborhood talks called the “ChangeMakers Community Roundtables.” Roundtables provide a community forum to bring greater awareness to pressing social needs, to listen to the voices closest to those issues, and to organize the collective capacities of community stakeholders to activate change. Service projects or initiatives that result from ChangeMaker Roundtables are Be The Change Community Initiatives.

Community Development

Compassion Creates Change™ is devoted to the global health and welfare of children and to sustainable methods of community transformation. For more than a decade, Compassion Creates Change™ has served children and families on the front lines of international relief work, compassionate ministry, global missions partnerships, and community development projects in the U.S. and throughout Latin America. This work has been accomplished through medical missions and nutrition therapy programs, providing safe parks and play spaces, clean water projects, constructing schools and churches, and more.

Compassionate Care for the Vulnerable

Compassion Creates Change offers community health programs in target communities in Latin America. These relief initiatives provide anti-parasite tablets, mosquito nets, and hammocks to children and families in need. These frontline prevention strategies fight malaria and other parasitic disease that are common in the neighborhoods where we serve. Recipients of this program also receive training in hygiene, water purification, nutrition and public health.

Mission Trips & Transformational Engagement

For more than a decade, Compassion Creates Change has organized and managed mission trips on behalf of churches and groups into Latin America in collaboration with its partners in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and beyond. These trips provide models for ministry and mission in a post-modern world: action models that demonstrate the transforming love and grace of God, meet the felt-needs of those being served, and strive for human progress and sustainable development. Mission teams have offered medical clinics and nutrition therapy programs, built parks and safe play spaces, completed clean water projects, and constructed schools and churches, and more.

Compassion Creates Change™

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